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Services: Logo Design, Packaging Design

We are proud to announce our latest project - vodka ALAYA, featuring stunning packaging design, logo design, and branding created by the talented Beaver team.

The brand name is derived from a Sanskrit word that embodies our vision, aspirations, and desires, and brings them to life. To reflect this, we chose the image of the sun for the logo, symbolizing warmth, purity, and life-giving energy.

Our minimalist packaging design for both ordinary and aged grape vodkas reinforces the idea of purity and simplicity, capturing the essence of vodka in its purest form. The classic grape vodka label features a white-purple color scheme, while the aged grape vodka label features white-gold colors, representing the natural color of grapes and the aging process of vodka in oak barrels.

We are thrilled with the final result and are excited to bring this exceptional product packaging to market. Thanks to the Beaver team for their outstanding work on this project.

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