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Services: Naming, Label Design 

“GAGAT” WINES Armenia, as a wine-making region, has a history of 6200 years. Here archaeologists have discovered the world's oldest winery in the cave "Areni-1" in Vayots Dzor. Our loyal customer“KENATS GROUP”company continues the centuries-old experience of Armenian winemaking, creating exquisite wines born in the magnificent terroir of Armenia. Volcanic soils, harsh climate and high altitude define the fascinating uniqueness of the Armenian terroir. The GAGAT wine bouquet reveals the unique aroma and the taste of the Armenian grapes, as well as the wealth of the terroir. The selection of GAGAT includes red, white and fruit wines. On the label, we depicted Mount Ararat in the color of the wine in a minimalistic style and an eagle, again emphasized in the color of wine. Thanks to its high flights, the eagle symbolizes the name of the brand - GAGAT, which in Armenian conveys the idea of victories and new heights.

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