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Services: Logo Design, Packaging Design

When it comes to dried fruits, Armenian produce is among the best in the world,

thanks to the favorable climate and ideal growing conditions.

Soar, a leading producer of dried fruits, recently approached the Beaver team to help launch their latest product line. Knowing

our reputation as experienced professionals in packaging design, branding, and logo design, Soar entrusted us with creating a packaging design that would showcase their product and tell the story of its creation.

Our team worked closely with Soar to understand their vision and goals, and to develop a packaging design that would communicate the product's quality, taste, and origins. We used a combination of vibrant colors, bold typography,

and eye-catching imagery to create a design that would stand out on the shelves and attract buyers.

The end result was a stunning product packaging design that effectively communicates the story of Soar's dried fruit

products and their commitment to quality and excellence. 

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